The aviation world is full of these things! This page will be dedicated to all of the acronyms I use in my writing!

ATC – Air Training Corps

BBVA – Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (the bank that provides the pilot training loan)

CAA – Civil Aviation Authority

CAE OAA – CAE Oxford Aviation Academy

CBT – Computer Based Training making up about 40% of the Integrated APP First Officer course at CAE OAA

COMPASS – COMputerised Pilot Assessment Screening System

CPL – Commercial Pilot License

CTC – CTC Aviation Group Ltd.

EASA – European Aviation Safety Agency

fATPL – Frozen Airline Transport Pilot License

FTE – Flight Training Europe

IR – Instrument Rating

ME – Multi-Engine

MPL – Multi-crew Pilot License

NATS – National Air Traffic Services

PILAPT – PILot training, APTitude Selection and testing system

PPL – Private Pilot License

RAF – Royal Air Force (UK)


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